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Art renaissance?

Add the plumeting cost of photography, video editing, sound production. Now put up an internet that allows anyone to promote and distribute their work. Finally add a crumbling economy where many people, their careers in shambles, are looking for meaning in their lives beyond the material. Many of these people will turn to religion, but many are turning to art, especialy people with fancy degrees in art history and graphic design. Could be the begining of something good? 

Argument against: most cultural explosions happened at the height of a civilizations material triumph: Athens, Rome, renaissance Italy. Rich burghers are the one who fund art.

Argument for: that was before art became democratized in modern times. Great art was made in during WWI, the Depression and so on. Picasso doesnt need to appeal to some higher concept: he just creates something that stirs you even if it breaks the rules. People are doing that left and right nowadays.

It is altogether curious, your first contact with poverty. You have thought so much about poverty – it is the thing you have feared all your life, the thing you knew would happen to you sooner or later; and it is all so utterly and prosaically different. You thought it would be simple; it is extraordinarily complicated.
George Orwell (via philphys)
Indian convention not so untouchable?

Really interesting that Indian Dalit - so call untouchables, the second to last of Indian caste (the bottom being tribals) - identify with African Americans:

"The presence of Ratan Tata has great symbolic value as it will signify the change happening in India, and it will give great hope to Dalits that the country’s top business houses are now ready to make them partners in trade. It will also encourage other industrialists to engage with companies owned by Dalits," said Kamble, the Pune- in 2005. "The event will be a milestone. It will turn out to be a new narrative on changing India."

"Our friends in the US are also trying to get Robert Johnson, the first black billionaire, to visit the fair as the guest of honour,” Kamble said, adding that delegations from the US Black Chamber of Commerce, Eurpoean Union, South Africa and Japan will attend the fair.

The event will host more than 200 Dalit companies involved in hardcore manufacturing, construction, trading, health, hospitality and the knowledge industry….